May 20, 2015

Bliss Summer Festival 2015

You are very warmly invited to join us for our 4th Festival where over 50 experts from around the world will share their knowledge & expertise in workshops, talks, panel discussions, rituals, ceremonies, classes & more! The Festival also offers fine food, hot tubs, art, DJs & performers of national & international renowned & much more, all nestled at the entrance to Carlingford Lough, set in the beautiful grounds of Narrow Water CastleCheck out what previous attendees said here!

The ESSENTIAL Festival FAQ is here!

Click on the red links below for much more info. about what's on offer with more to be announced shortly!

Super-Early Bird tickets for the Festival have already sold out, limited Early Birds are on sale here until June 2nd & you're invited to join & share the Facebook event here!

We're still open to applications from volunteers, performers & vendors, click here for application forms.

::: Festival Keynote - Bruce Lyon - Wild Love in Thin Places :::
Beth Wallace - Bliss is Your Birthright!
Ailish Farragher - I have been with You since the Beginning - Meeting the Divine Feminine, the Goddess of Love and Light
Anja Bakker - West Cork to Santiago - a Journey of Healing & Hope
Kai Helmich & Elaine Young - The Anatomy of Male Arousal
Somananda Maimon - The Hightest Tantra - Kashmiri Shaivism
Grace Gelder - I Married Myself!
Mark Boyle - Ecosexuality
Tanya Bryan - Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Having THE Talk!

Aimée Mullins & Anja Bakker - Yoga with live harp accompaniment
Helen Quinn - Osho Active Meditations
Siobhan O'Keefe - Base Chakra Yoga Sequence
Xavier Vercaemst - Qigong
Bridie Przibram - Dru Yoga

Workshops & Playshops Programme

Adam Paulman - Cuddle Party
Alexander Rey - Awakening Dance

Bruce Lyon - The Physiological & Psychological State of Being Awake
Dakini Cat - Loving Your Edge
Daria Pelleg
Elaine Young & Kai Helmich - Orgasmic Yoga; Mindful Self Pleasuring
Eugene Hedlund - Medicine Dance
Grainne Carr & Chris Read - Erotic Party Games
Guy Barrington - Devantra Dance
Kirsteen Farley - Core Erotic Patterning
Matthias Rose - Sexual Mysticism; Tantra meets Celtic Christianity
Matthias Schwenteck & Harmony Halberg Polo - Liquid Light Transmission
Rex McCann - Coming Home
Rosie Burrows
Sarah Taylor & Ali Pilling - G-Spot Experience
Seani Love - Consent & Boundaries Save The World
Shaney Marie - Cock Worship From The Heart
Somananda & Liisa Maimon - Tantric Massage; The Art of Touch
Tanja Phoinix - Tantric Revirgination! Return to Your Self, Return to Innocence!
Teertha Ordish
Vanessa Vance - Free The Nipple: Owning Your Eroticism

~ Sex Positive Parenting ~
Sarah Sproule, Mary Torney, & Taryn Gleeson
~ A New Relationship Paradigm ~
Vanessa Vance, Tim Sinnott, Anya Trahan, & Beth Wallace
~ Sex Work is Real Work ~
Laura Lee, Caroline Ryan, Lucy Smith, & Kate McGrew

Opening Ceremony with Beth Wallace & Bruce Lyon
Shamanic Sex Magick Ritual with Vanessa Vance & Beth Wallace
Naked 3 Circles Ritual with Kai Helmich, Elaine Young & Kirsteen Farley
Sensational World with Grace Ní Dhonnchú & Ailish Farragher
Can We Die & Live At The Same Time? with Nina Hawkins & Rex McCann
Magickal Kinky Love Puja - Seani Love
Closing Ceremony with Bruce Lyon & Beth Wallace

Café in the Castle
Bar in the Basement
Art in Latex
Hot tubs
Amatsu with Xavier Vercaemst
Brunels Coffee
Tantra Massage with Dakini Jayde
Station Bliss
Bliss Boutique
Wild Photoshoots with Grace Gelder
Shiatsu with Jonathan Roche
Sounds for the Soul with John Reilly
Liquid Light with Matt Schwenteck

More info. coming soon!

Last updated: 18/05/15