May 20, 2015

::: The 2015 Festival SOLD OUT & was a massively enjoyable event for 100s who attended, you can read some of the many testimonials here! - it wasn't without it's problems however as the Festival organiser, Beth Wallace, defended the Festival's right to take place in the High Court in Belfast, literally hours before the gates opened following a relentless 4 week campaign on the part of two people to prevent the Festival taking place. This significantly altered the Festival we had planned to offer, which was, regrettably, disappointing to many.

Not only were some of the changes to the Festival disappointing to many but defending the Festival & the resultant loss of access to the Castle building itself as a direct result of the court case had major financial implications for Beth as she personally took responsibility for all legal & other consequential costs - it is now time to support the project & Festival Founder & to ensure that a 2016 Festival takes place!

Target = €12,000
Legal fees = €4670
Incidentals as a result of court case, including transport, phone bills etc = €330
Loss of income, & expenditure, as a result of loss of access to the Castle = €5,000
Expenses for 2015 Festival not covered by income = €2000
Received to date (25/08/15) = €314.42

No donation is too small nor too big!

Click on the red links below for much more info about the August 2015 Festival & to give you an idea about how future Festivals might look!

Last updated: 26/08/15