March 24, 2015

Helen Quinn is the co-ordinator of Osho Dublin. The group meets up every Thursday in the Lantern Centre on Synge Street in Dublin 8 to practice OSHO Active meditations. The group also hosts Dynamic Meditation approximately one Saturday a month and the occasional weekend long programme of Osho meditations.

Sexual freedom: The path out of slavery
“Sex is the most powerful instinct in man. The politician and priest have understood from the very beginning that sex is the most driving energy in man. It has to be curtailed, it has to be cut. If man is allowed total freedom in sex, then there will be no possibility to dominate him. To make a slave out of him will be impossible.”  (p. 109, Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships – Osho).

I read this passage on my way home from Bliss Festival 2014 having experienced a weekend of sharing Osho meditations and a series of workshops that allowed me to express my sexuality on a moment by moment basis. Like many others making their way home I had been enveloped in an atmosphere of openness, love and authenticity. I felt free.
I believe it is no accident that weeks after starting Osho meditations in June 2013, I travelled down to West Cork to attend Bliss Festival. It is also no coincidence that OSHO Active meditations form part of the Bliss programme. The ethos of both complement each other.

Osho created a series of Active meditations beginning with his most famous one which is called Dynamic. He created these meditations because he understood that most of us struggle to drop into silent meditation: “I begin with your insanity, not with a sitting posture. […] With you dancing madly, chaotically, with crying, with chaotic breathing, I allow your madness. Then you begin to be aware of a subtle point, a deep point inside you which is silent and still, in contrast to the madness on the periphery. You will feel very blissful…” (p. 38, Meditation: The First and Last Freedom – Osho).
There is something very delicious about letting go of the madness we carry inside us. To be free to express and consciously allow whatever to unfold. Reflecting on Beth Wallace’s post on The Birth of Bliss and how she moved from a space of shame to one of freedom and love. I feel her story reflects the story of Ireland and her creation of Bliss is one method of finding our freedom and breaking away from the chains of sexual repression and shame. 

In the above passage Osho goes on to compare man with the ox. The ox is castrated so it can plough the field and be biddable. Through sexual repression and shame, we have been energetically castrated too. He contrasts the ox with the bull who is free, strong and beautiful. We may have been conditioned to repress, to deny our sexuality / life force, to be controlled and biddable but unlike the ox we can grow our balls back. We can be the bull.
I have discovered tremendous freedom, healing and from time to time that “subtle awareness” through the OSHO meditations. I have grown in awareness, juiciness and experienced bliss. Hand in hand with this my life / sex energy has increased. This is not to be confused with unconscious hedonism. That too is a type of slavery. No, this is a conscious awareness of my life/ sex energy rising and responding / not responding in that present moment.

I invite you to share two special OSHO active meditations with me this year at the Bliss Festival. The first is Chakra breathing. This powerful meditation uses a breathing technique that opens up all the chakras and is a great method to open you up for the day ahead. The second one is Mahamudra which Osho describes as “the great orgasm”. Using specially designed music the first part uses Latihan whereby your body moves of its own accord. You are not the doing, you are the being. This 'let go' experience prepares you for the second stage whereby you raise your hands to receive energy from existence until you are full and then bow down to give the energy to the earth. This is done seven times for each of the chakras. I hesitate to say what you will experience because I do not know. You will have a unique, direct experience.

Osho goes on to state that: “Sex repression, tabooing sex, is the very foundation of human slavery. Man cannot be free unless sex is free. Man cannot be really free unless his sexual energy is allowed natural growth,” (p.110, Love, Freedom, Aloneness: The Koan of Relationships – Osho). 

I invite you to come to the Bliss Festival and allow your natural growth to occur. To experience the loveliness of sexual freedom. To have your yes or your no honoured. To break free from old forms of cultural and social conditioning and journey on the pathway out of slavery.