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Many people contribute to & make Bliss events possible, without a small army of volunteers including speakers, facilitators, presenters, Volunteer Coordinators & event volunteers, events, particularly the Bliss Festival, would not happen - much gratitude to each and every single one who has contributed their time, energy, & experience to a Bliss event.

Beth Wallace - Bliss Ireland Founder and Director
One of Beth's many passions is creating spaces in which people can fully relax, exhale & expand into the awareness of their being in an infinitely deepening & rich experience of life.
Beth founded Bliss Ireland in 2011, with the first event in February 2012, as a way to bring her, now 29 year old, professional career in sexual health & freedom, as well as personal & community development, including graduate and post graduate studies in Applied Psychology and psychotherapy, together with a 33 year old deep & expansive personal exploration in both the spiritual & sexual realms.
''Human sexuality is not something to feel shame, fear or guilt about, it is something to celebrate, & is a major source of our greatest power & freedom.''

Please note that no staff have profited financially from their work on the project. Last updated: 16/01/16