''Thank you for this year's Bliss... lives were saved, spirits were set free, and the ancient soul of this wee emerald isle sang high, quite likely not as high since the days of the flight of the Earls... from that hallowed ground that is the north of Eriu.''

''It felt as if were not only healing our own sexual wounds but, given all the media attention, healing Ireland's as well!''

''Bliss 2015 was the second Bliss Festival I have been to, and the most positive and joyful event I have ever attended. I will keep on attending and supporting in any way I can, because I believe it is at the cutting edge of repealing our repressed and so called sinful society. The workshops and talks were varied and all were done in a conscious and respectful way. In most workshops I attended, we did some exercises in establishing boundaries, to reaffirm our ability to say no. One of the festivals sound-bites was: ''Yes means yes, no means no, maybe means no.'' Boundary setting was at the forefront of the ethos, and each person freely chose their own level of participation. Any level of involvement was supported and respected and everyone was free to explore in a completely safe and nurturing way. It was also one of the most real festivals I have even attended in terms of the connections I made with other people (without any sex whatsoever being involved!). All kinds of people. Since there was no alcohol or drugs, one of the highlights for me, was dancing with others, without inebriants making things messy. It was the most fun and free dancing I have had in years. I think Bliss is ESSENTIAL. It was a joy. And life affirming, to celebrate sexuality, and each other, in all our expressions.''

''To know the reason I went to Bliss 2015 you need to a little about my past.
I was born in 1968 in the north of Ireland in a catholic and republican area, growing up I saw my share of violence due to the conflict here. I have seen death and been close to death. I experienced first hand our ''troubles'' from a very young age - it's all we knew..... 

At the age of 9 was sexually abused by a great uncle in Dublin, this is the first time I have shared this. It was my burden to carry and to tell my family would have hurt them.....
From the age of 21 I have been involved with two emergency services where I have seen my fair share of trauma, like my abuse I have never talked to anyone about this felt - not manly. I have ever fitted into work - always made feel second class or not worthy, and due to my nature I never spoke up, this led me to became insular and I did not feel any self esteem. I felt uncomfortable with touch and felt there was something very wrong with me. I did long to be held and comforted, which a shrink or doctor would not do for you they just prescribe medication a sticking plaster, in my eyes.

In April I read about Bliss Narrow Water and felt this would help me come to terms with my needs and maybe help save my marriage, I needed answers. But then with all the controversy over the festival that really tore me apart, my chance of help was under threat. Here was this brave warrior Beth Wallace who put all on the line for me and people like me in need of help, I felt I could not back out and not go, she put so much up for people like me and not to go would be an insult to her. That Thursday night was the worst of my life, I just felt like giving up on life, I never slept worrying about the people who were against the festival because I lived along side them.

I went on Friday and what I found was the most beautiful, warm, loving, non-judgmental, caring people I have ever had the pleasure to meet. The people I met have more of the above in one finger than most people I meet daily have in there whole body. I talked all weekend and for the first time opened my heart and I was never judged,  not once, the kindness in the peoples hearts was astounding, and I was not nor did I judge. I made so many new friends and am now a part of a wider Bliss family which I am proud to be part of.

I have come away with a new purpose in life, I also realise I have a new family & that for the first time in my life I have felt genuine warmth and openness, I have taken my first steps on a journey of healing and my 47 years of hurt and trauma is slowly being released. I told Beth and others at the end of the weekend that I am starting to feel lighter that a burden is slowly starting to lift. This pioneer, Beth Wallace, has set me on my journey of healing, for that I could never thank her enough.

Sadly, I cant give my name due to living among the protesters..... they judge.''

''Over recent years my life has changed - having no confidence and truly hated everything about myself - my beautiful wife bought me a ticket to the festival and it has changed my way of thinking and my life massively. I would recommend everyone, from all walks of life, to give it a try. When I got there on Friday I found that there was protesters outside trying to stop the festival and Beth Wallace went to the High Court, along with the owner of the castle, to protect the Festival, but although it went ahead the Festival was pushed to its' highest limits being refused use of the castle, and use of toilets & kitchen, the organisers made sure they did all they could to make things work and I can say it did work.

I went through those gates alone, scared, and unsure what to expect and came away happy and a lot more confident in myself. Every single person I met was so beautiful and respectful its unbelievable - it was about peace, love and respect, and a massive part was about respecting your own and others boundaries. It is impossible to see nudity there unless you go looking for it but what you do see every second of every day is amazing friendly people who looked deeper than your looks, body shape, gender or sexuality - very respectful weekend and amazing people, lots of connections made - so i would like to thank Beth and all the people who made this happen''

''I feel proud and grateful to have been part of this year's Bliss Festival, which went ahead in Northern Ireland, against all odds''

''Thanking you for a fab. weekend. All workshops I attended were good and most enlightening.''
Festival '15 performer

''It was a life changing Festival for me''

''There's been a lot of media attention fixated on the Bliss Festival that I've just come home from.

Throughout the weekend there was a picket at the castle gates telling us we were all going to hell. The day we arrived to set up our tents, us vendors and volunteers were informed that the festival manager was presently in the Belfast High Court facing an injunction order to shut down the entire operation. Thankfully it went ahead, but in a vindictive, desperate act they locked down the castle venue, cutting off our access to bathrooms, kitchen, mains electricity and indoor space in the midst of rain and wind. An entire campsite of hundreds of people cut off from basic necessities. It was as if the festival-haters were trying to put us in our place; that depraved, uncivilised, animal-like state that they accused us of propagating, simply by questioning the norm.

But they were so, so wrong. We still persisted, despite their blinkered hate.

Here's the thing; every person that you would meet at that festival, every single one, would greet you, immediately make deep eye contact and share, without inhibition, whatever pain and abuse they had suffered. There were people who couldn't bare to be touched, were emotionally numb, miserable, confused, lost, and afraid that they would never be able to connect with any person or community ever again. The biggest act of bravery was them coming to this festival ready to have everything turned upside-down.

By the final hours of this morning, when we were packing up our sodden tents and saying goodbye to our new friends, you could see the light pulsing in people's eyes. They just spilled over with relief. They had questioned their beliefs, met their crippling fears and years of guilt and shame had begun to peel off them. They walked out of there today joyfully sharing with everyone how they were ready to heal all their relationships and authentically self-love for the first time in their lives. Ready to change the world.

Don't believe what the media are saying about this event. Support Bliss. The effectiveness of the workshops and classes delivered for healing mass societal trauma from broken and empty social interaction, isolated communities, culturally-encouraged self-hate and misunderstood intimacy is awe-inspiring. The movement for cultural change and positive, collective mental health has just gained hundreds more followers and it is absolutely imperative that they are supported by everyone for years to come.''

''Life changing''

''This weekend was filled with hugs........ Humpty dumpty has dived head first from the wall, the shell is no more. We waded through the dizzy days with cheeks that ached from smiling and hearts which poured themselves into the fabric of all who we embraced. The bliss black hole has healed us and reminded us what it is to be free, full and expansive. With every flash back to those velvety memories, may we all come to realise that the moment in time created by hundreds of hearts will form a deep well of meaning and support to us as we blossom, exponentially.''

''Absolutely amazing''

''Thank you so much for making Bliss Festival 2015 happen, in spite of everything!''

''When I got there I was very shy and didn't want to talk to anyone but OH MY GOD what an experience I had, every single person was so beautiful inside and out. I was made to feel part of the family and very welcome. I went to some amazing talks and workshops, it changed my way of thinking totally, and for the first time in a long time I felt like I belonged.''

From the Opening Ceremony

''Bliss has instantly rocketed me into a much higher vibration of unconditional love. I fell in love with everyone I had the pleasure to connect with and now I am out in the world looking at everyone as my brother and sister.''

''Really glad I went to the Festival, met some lovely people. Thanks for Bliss, long may it reign, looking forward to next year!''

''I had one of the most incredible, expansive weekends of my life last weekend at bliss festival''

''I connected with so many wonderful new friends and enjoyed spending time with old friends/family. The workshops I managed to get along to where absolutely fabulous. The folk doing the fire displays and music, you were absolutely stunning, thoroughly enjoyed watching each performance. The friendliness and welcome by everyone was great.''

''Just home after long weekend at Castle Bliss. What an incredible event, beautiful beyond words. Despite tremendous opposition from forces of ignorance and fear, obstacles thrown at us from every angle were swept away in the waves of Love, Power, Freedom and Bliss generated by a community of like minded souls who wish to nourish and nurture a healthy, liberated and sacred sexuality. Something this repressive, backward, quarter of the western world that is NI really needs a good dose of. It was delivered with passion! Deep love & respect....... to all the volunteers, facilitators and participants who helped make the event such a success. Was so good to get hang out with so many dear friends over the weekend too and to connect with many new friends of the Bliss community too. Love is the Law''

''I know I speak for the majority when I say 

... I miss Bliss. Nature dictates that all forms of pleasure, beauty, ecstasy erupts like volcano's, shooting stars, orgasms then it fades until the next time ... 

Guys it's all about the timing ... Let's stand back, be still and breathe in this weekends vibrations, pleasures, eruptions. It's ours to bathe in for a short time before it fades ... appreciate the people who made it possible, who's energy infused our souls with their presence ...  

People arrived feeling as if they were broken ... They left with wings''

''I came to the festival from London. I have to tell you it was a truely magical weekend, well done with the challenges you faced and THANK YOU!!!!''

''What made Bliss work was the over-riding sense that this event needed to happen - despite the logistics and the old world howling at the castle gates. What made a serendipitous 

weekend, for me, was the sense of homecoming and relief on new faces and the joy of reconnection radiating from Bliss veterans. Sex matters. Pleasure matters. Our shared human experience matters''

''First Bliss and what a joy, total RESPECT to everyone''

''It was a truly amazing experience, challenging and boundary pushing at times but also fun, beautiful and intimate. I have taken so much away and left a lot behind too. I was blown away by the warmth and love I felt for and from so many of the attendees and I feel I have re-connected with myself and with my partner in ways where I hadn't even realised the connection had frayed.''

''7 years ago I knocked on Beth Wallace's door for the first time - a frightened, vulnerable and numb rape victim. Whilst I accessed a lot of therapies over the years it was the work Beth did that opened doors for me to friendships and relationships I thought I'd never have. To have an authentic, ecstatic, sexual life in latex dresses as opposed to a life spent in recovery.
I think it's difficult for people who haven't grown up in Ireland to truly understand the immensity of the work she does and the shame-fuelled backlash she receives every year Bliss Festival runs.

The 2016 festival is at risk of not happening due to legal fees enquired defending the right for the 2015 festival to take place.
I implore friends to please donate towards the 2016 Festival. Even if it's not your cup of tea - Bliss saves lives and transforms everyday people into soul warriors. We need to take steps towards creating an Irish society where people have the right to choose to access sexual healing and enlightenment and supporting Bliss to continue is the first step.''

.:. Sex & Space with David Bloom .:.
Fumbally Court Studio Dublin, Feb. 21st & 22nd '15

''It was beautiful''

''absolutely amazing''

''amazing workshop''

''I had so much fun, and sense of collective consciousness''

''It was an amazing weekend, beautiful people & mind blowing (blooming!) energy.''

''Massively inspired''

''Such unforgettable experience , my mind , heart and body are still flying!!''

Ramada Plaza Hotel Belfast, Feb. 14th '15

''Thanks again for the most wonderful experience yesterday afternoon (Teertha - you helped me to open up my heart more fully) and evening (Beth - you held the space for the Puja most beautifully, allowing us to be so fully present and open to giving and receiving) needless to say I feel like a goddess this morning!''

Ramelton Town Hall Donegal, Jan. 31st '15

''a truly wonderful evening!''

''Amazing night last night! Sensational (pun intended!) experience with incredible food, wonderful environment & lovely people.''

''an incredible experience, I think everyone should do this at least once in their life''

''After participating in the awakening the senses event last night I am truly and deeply blissed out! Thank you for doing what you do with such grace beauty and playful elegance. I was as giddy as a child discovering chocolate for the first time last night and couldn't fully articulate the intensity of feeling and experience and although I knew there were going to be intense feelings had, I had no idea of the extent of joy and bliss possible. The love and connection felt was spectacular! Thank you thank you thank you''

Claregalway, Co Galway, July 11th - 13th '14

''Thank you and everyone involved in making Bliss an extraordinary event. Deeply life shifting for me in a very very positive direction.''

''Bliss Festival is the best festival I have ever been to. The Bliss community is a beautiful community & such a breath of fresh air. A golden ray of sunshine on the Emerald Isle to help cast away the shadows of the dark ages of sexual shame, guilt & abuse we are emerging from: towards the ecstatic joys of Light - Life - Love & Liberty!''

''Had an absolutely outstanding weekend - true Bliss!''

''We had a delicious weekend at Bliss Festival''

''The beautiful connections, the intensely magical & potent land, very deep personal growth, mind blowing transmissions & initiations & soooo much more.''

''Bliss Ireland, well done. So heartening to see the sexplorers of Ireland come together so joyously.''

''Amazing Festival. Amazing Location. Amazing People''

''Thank you to all the beautiful souls I connected with & had incredible chats with. Looking forward to the future Bliss events! Feeling very loved.''

If you've benefited from any Bliss Ireland event, or information that we've provided free online, please consider donating to support the continuation of our volunteers in their work, thank you!

''Feel a little lost for words, to sum up the profound nature of the weekend. The first night I landed, I dreamt of a giant dragon like spirit rising up from the earth beneath Parvani Hall, sweeping and whooshing through the crowds gathered, checking us out, firing our spirits: all watching gasped in awe at hir ancient magic and beauty resurfacing. 

Dragons aside I felt very privileged to be teaching here and sharing a journey with all who showed. It will take me some time to digest the many experiences shared, all I can say for now is it was a super magical friendly intense laughter juicy weekend and if you haven't been yet then GO next year!''

''What is Bliss?
It is the breaking of walls, tearing them down, the breaking of barriers, the step outside the norm. It is the safety of being inside in a storm. It is the happiness inside that keeps you happy & warm. It's the holding of the womans flower, it is setting it free, each woman to her own. It's learning to de-stress unwind and relax, it's remembering to breathe and it's the freedom to be me.
Its remembering your're special unique and free. You're no one's woman or property. You're on lend with your heart You're sharing yourself, you're the woman that doesn't suit being on the shelf.
It's knowing you're a diamond, you're a rare one, beautiful and one of a kind, that kind of bliss is hard to find. It's the beat of your own drum. The dance to your own song, it is the freedom a person so loving and kind, who knows their worth, it is the bird that has been set free & learned to fly, Bliss it is a person... It is you & I..''
©Karianne Kat Fagan

''Thank you for continuing to make the space for people that need it to connect & experience what they're looking for''

''Still floating on a sea of Bliss & expanded horizons''

''Thank you for bringing all the amazing souls together for this amazing event''

''A festival that lives up to its' name''

''A first-timer at Bliss - had the most transformative, loving & learning experience. Most of all enjoyed the FREEDOM to be around others with similar perspectives, to be able to ACCEPT & BEING ACCEPTED within diverse range of settings by lovely groups of people & individuals, &, experienced the OPENING of many dimensions (sexual & other) within the self, waiting to be explored, that will keep me busy till next year.''

''An absolutely astounding weekend.''

''I feel full of love & lust for life.''

''I'm still a bit floaty & lost for words but wanted to say something about how awesome Bliss Summer Festival in Ireland has been for me. There has been so much love & respect & beauty & joy & deep connections & sexiness over the past few days. Wow.''

''Intense, beautiful & amazing don't even begin to describe the weekend for me.''

''I'm not hiding anymore.''

''Amazing, congratulations for pulling us all together to share in this arousing, inspiring, absolutely necessary vision for a new Ireland, a new world, healthier relationships to our Sacred Sexual Foundation. I am proud to be part of this.....''

''It's a great feeling when you're part of something special''

''World shattering, in the best possible way.''
''Amazing! Amazing! Amazing! thank you so much, can't wait for next year!''

''for me my experience was very deep and I needed this time to gather myself and make sense, integrate my experience and having said all this, I feel that the process from Bliss will continue on for some time. For me the key words are sexual freedom, that is the freedom to say yes or to say no based on a conscious decision.
Prior to experiencing Bliss in 2013 my sexuality was either hedonistic and unconscious or sexually anorexic. I was confused, troubled and unclear. The back story is grim, like many people in Ireland, but thankfully I can now move beyond the story, I am no longer a victim, yes it is there and probably will always be there but it no longer drives me. Last year Bliss opened my eyes to possibilities but this year was a much more embodied experience which meant a lot more pleasure and a lot more pain too. Not bad pain though, but good, healing, cleansing pain.
I felt this year I became more flowy and sensual. I made some amazing connections, be it with old friends and new friends. I had a lot of giggles and a lot of sorrow too. I found this year to be exceptionally healing in particular around my ways with men. My intention that I had put out was to receive and I received so much love, tenderness and vulnerability over the weekend. I give a profound thanks to those who helped me in that journey.
I felt the programme was awesome, with incredible teachers and my regret was that I did not have a time travel clock and the sufficient energy to enjoy them all.
For me the Bliss community is a beautiful community and it was wonderful to hear and share with others that yes we have found a place where we can be real, open and connected. I loved meeting so many cool, fun, decent human beings.''

''It was such an amazing experience, such a beautiful group of people - it is exactly what the country needs on so many levels. For me, personally, it was huge. I cannot thank you enough for holding a space where it was OK for me to be me.''
''What a SENSATIONAL night last night was - fantastic! A truly priceless & beautiful experience. Thanks soooo much for hosting & all who came & made it special. Dublin people-do yourself a favour & come to the next circle event Bring on the Bliss Summer Festival - yay!!!''

''What a lovely Dublin Bliss Circle thank you for creating a very special rejoicing tonight''

''Grateful for a great group experience''

''Didn't know what to expect from my first Bliss event, and was met with warmth, a fantastic bunch of people, and really interesting information/content. Was a short 3 week group meeting and find myself missing it already. Really recommend it!''

.:. Bloom! Spring Weekender .:.
Regency Hotel, Dublin, Feb. 15th & 16th '14
''I attended a Bloom day work/play shop in Dublin. I found it a safe & comfortable place in which to practice intimacy. The holder of the space was refreshingly honest. We were offered an opportunity to explore & experience our own limits & boundaries & receive the gift of having them acknowledged, honoured & respected. Each person worked at their own level of comfort, opting in or out of each exercise as they saw fit. I recommend to anyone interested in becoming familiar with their own boundaries, having the opportunity to speak them, & experiencing the feeling of having those said boundaries respected. I think it is a testament to the content of the play shop & the holder of the space how connected we felt at the end of the day.''

''Thank you so much for organising such an amazing weekend. I totally loved both workshops & got so much out of it. It was so much fun that I haven't stopped smiling since.''
''Brilliant day!''

''I felt so welcomed, loved, held, seen & accepted''

''Beautiful, rich & deep''

''What Bliss is doing in Ireland is really revolutionary''

''We can't make it to your events for a variety of reasons, but, what's posted on the Bliss Facebook page really helps us both as a couple & in our desire to be sex positive parents, thank you!''

If you've benefited from any Bliss Ireland event or online information then please consider donating to support the ongoing continuation of our volunteer work, thank you!

.:. Dive Deeper! Winter Weekender .:. 
Camden Court Hotel, Dublin, Nov. 16th & 17th '13
''wonderful'' ''powerful'' ''transformative'' ''educational'' 

''an amazing experience'' ''the most powerful of all Bliss events so far''

''It changed my life; what I had been hiding within for decades was finally given permission to come out & play, & I would have only allowed it at a Bliss event where I knew it would be a conscious & safely held space''

''YES! What a fantastic event - fully lived up to its name & I can honestly say I am in a state of *bliss* from it all. One of the best weekends I've had in as long as I can remember. Big, big thanks again to everyone who I got to meet, hang out with & do 'fun stuff' with - what a bunch of beautiful people - wow!''

''What a beautiful workshop yesterday..... I was blown away by the energy & presence in the room, how open everyone was to dropping the veils & stepping into a deep container, allowing their masculine presence to guide them into a juicy flow of radiant feminine energy. I felt the ancestors of this land were with us - helping us to embrace the knowing in our beings, of fully opening to life force energy in sacred space, I give thanks to everyone who showed up and look forward to joining you again in the next adventure.''

.:. Summer Festival .:.
Ballydehob, West Cork, July 19th - 22nd '13

''Imagine you could be at a drug-free festival with kind, respectful open-hearted and open-minded people – where you could risk sharing your deepest pain and highest joys, but where Sexuality, Attraction and Desire were also among the esteemed guests?

Often sexuality and sexual energy get separated from the rest of life and get channeled into mindless pleasure or escape, into shame or guilt, into manipulative dominance of others or abandonment of oneself and one’s own needs, sometimes ending in a downward spiral of self-hatred and self-destruction. And yet – sexual energy - the evolutionary drive – the ‘force from the beginning’ - is just as integral to our lives as our bodies, our minds and our spirit.

How can we acknowledge, integrate and celebrate the richness of this powerful primordial force in a healthy, wholesome and life-affirming way?

Bliss is an event where sexuality is invited back from the exiled darkness of unawareness, and returned to its rightful place on the throne, along with body, mind and spirit.

I suggest coming to Bliss with a willingness to love yourself in ways that you may not have dared to before – with a love that dares to proudly express its wants and needs, that dares to feel what yearns to be felt, while also showing the deepest respect for yourself and others.''

''Bliss 2013 - The once mundane world is flooding my senses...tastes, touch, smells, contours and shades, sounds, all have a clarity and depth that weave into harmony. The world and my body both oceans of warm fresh honey, chunks of comb and the bodies of the bees that sucked the flowers and me and the other radiant souls, all slowly running and dripping down the trunk of some huge ancient tree toward the earth...itself a deep clear still pool, a bottomless opening of pure and divine respect for all life that flows through and out beyond.''

''I had a really amazing time at the Bliss festival in Ireland this weekend. Reading the local newspapers on my way home, and hearing peoples experiences at the festival, I honestly felt quite shocked to realise the extent of censorial attitudes to sexual pleasure, that have prevailed in Ireland.
And at the same time, I met with such openess, heart centred, ripeness, readiness, subtle awareness, passion and humour: talking with many people who attended. It was beautiful hearing stories from people aged 23 to late 70's, many of whom were stepping for the first time into - and wholly embracing - a context such as this.  And I am deeply appreciative of the deep and playful connections I shared over the weekend''

''It was mind blowing and life changing''

''It ROOOOOOOCKED --- I am totally blissed out :-)''

''For me it was life changing, liberating, deeply empowering, a lot of giggles, a lot of fun, some amazing people, lots of love surrounded by beauty. Thank you for organising it and bringing us all together, I'll be saving the 2014 bliss festival in my calender''

''You are all amazing people. I will never forget this experience, the profound connection, the joy and the deep sense of trust and belonging. I look forward to seeing you all at many future events to come.''

''Everything is so alive and well in my soul, our souls, after Bliss.''

''It was a very beautiful & heart felt occasion, a gathering of mature responsible individuals courageous enough to open themselves up & allow themselves to be vulnerable. Guilt & shame have been a huge part of my own wounding, as it is for much of the country around our sexuality. The good people of Ireland think nothing of pornographic images on our daily newspapers, gratuitous sex on the TV & closer to home...our teenagers getting blind drunk & having sex on the streets. A gathering of conscious people, an alcohol & drug-free, non-violent, respectful event focused on bringing more consciousness, love & heartfelt connection into our sexual expression. Sex is life, it's a fundamental part of who we are, lets celebrate & reclaim it.''''So blissful to witness everyone sharing authentic presence and consciously evolving healthy sexuality in our community.''

''Thank you for an absolutely amazing weekend. But perhaps thank you to all of you who attended: from being so open, so willing to challenge, for fully experiencing what Bliss Ireland is & fully immersing into it. Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful''
''A weekend of so much... Bliss, ecstasy, laughter, new wonderful friends. This weekend saw not only the beginning of a new chapter in many lives, but the beginning of new books! These are the first pages & they are exquisitely beautiful! Deep gratitude to everyone that touched my life...''

''A weekend of sharing, acceptance, joy, safety, bonding & above all love. To be among people with such open hearts was a joy. To face my own challenges in a place of safety enabled me to come to a place of peace within myself. To be a part of this experience was an honour.''

''Thank you Beth for organising a wonder full weekend of connection , bliss & healing. It was a joy to behold & experience. Thank you also to the wonderful facilitators & to all the beautiful people that attended....so much gratitude from my heart to you all.''

''For the whole weekend, be it chocolate yoga, Tai Chi, OSHO meditations, Tantra or a host of other workshops and experiences people explored what it meant to be human, whole and integrated in body, mind, spirit and sexuality. We experienced great emotion from the first day when Marcus Magdalena explored what it meant to move beyond gender to a place where we really exist - and moved through the weekend as facilitator after facilitator, workshop after workshop and event after event truly explored human sexuality and existence. Without a doubt it changed us both, it was that type of event, it raised challenges and opened doors. Perhaps the best testimonial that can be given (and the most wonderful thing to experience) was the sense of community and support that everyone experienced. Regardless of age and gender, we all simply experienced what was on offer, we turned up, checked in and chilled out.

.......But more importantly it showed us the power of people when they come together in a community: the Healing, the support, the sheer willingness to experience. It was no longer an event, but a way of being. It became a crucible where the honesty, dedication and openness of all who facilitated and attended created a synergy. A thing greater than the sum of its parts: it showed the fabulous strength and power of being human, of accepting everything and everyone, of simply being in the present in the moment.

It was a profound experience and one which we are grateful to have shared.''''That was a really magical weekend. I had lots of fun and lovely connections. And moving, heartfelt intimate moments too. Gratitude for it all!''

''Excellent, extraordinary, amazing....''

''The more bliss events the better, it was pure joy.''

''We have a lovely community of beautiful souls really looking forward to our next get together''
''A HUGE THANK YOU to Beth for your vision and belief and desire to bring Bliss to life. And to all the amazing facilitators and assistants who made it such a safe space to explore and play, stretch & express boundaries, grow and connect. Love and thanks to all the volunteers for giving your time and massive love to all those that came to Bliss and shared in the experience with me. I feel incredibly grateful to you all. I feel deepened and forever changed by this experience''

''Thank you for permission and space to be, from my open and loved up heart''


''The weekend was such a beautiful dream come true.''

''Such a beautiful place and magic experience.''

''What a beautiful group of people''

''We are all a little closer to home after a weekend of so many beautiful shades of Love.''

''Bliss was FAB!''

''Everyone was so happy and free, it was the way life should be''

If you've benefited from any Bliss Ireland event, or information we've provided online, then we'd really appreciate your donation to support the continuation of our voluntary work, thank you!