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You may wish to read more about the Bliss Ireland Vision or the answers to some FAQs for more information; press coverage in relation to some previous events is available here & some of what participants themselves have had to say about past events is here
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.:. Cork Film Nights .:.
A series of Film Nights in Cork exploring diverse topics including Tantra, BDSM, & pornography, held between October 2015 & February 2016 at Myo Café, Pope's Quay, Cork

.:. Bliss Festival '15 .:.
August 7th - 9th, Narrow Water Castle, Co Down

.:. The Pleasure Suite & Embodiment Immersion with Sarah Taylor .:.
March 21st & 22nd 2015
Harvest Moon Centre, Dublin

.:. Dublin Bliss Circle .:.
March 20th 2015
Harvest Moon Centre, Dublin

.:. Sex & Space with David Bloom .:.
February 21st & 22nd 2015
Fumbally Court, Dublin

.:. Belfast Bliss Circle & Puja- Sharing Love .:.
February 14th '15, 2.30pm - 5.30pm & 7.30pm - 11pm
Ramada Plaza Hotel, Belfast

.:. Awakening the Senses .:.
January 31st '15
Ramelton, Co Donegal
A modern take on an ancient Tantric initiation ritual designed to awaken & celebrate each individual physical sense.

.:. Belfast Bliss Circle .:.
November 22nd '14
Getting Sexy with Radical Honesty!

.:. The Pleasure Suite with Sarah Taylor .:.
November 16th '14, Cork
Bliss Ireland brings Sexological Bodywork to Cork for the very first time!

.:. Cork Bliss Circle .:.
September 20th, October 18th & November 15th '14
The first Bliss event in Cork city was a three month series, each month focusing on one of the three core Bliss Ireland themes, Sexual Freedom, Health & Pleasure.

.:. Belfast Bliss Circle .:.
September 6th 2014
The first Bliss event in Belfast sold out, proving to us that folks in Northern Ireland are keen to dive into the Bliss community & what it offers & co-creates. Sign up to the newsletter or connect with us via Facebook to keep up to date with all upcoming events!

.:. Bliss Summer Festival .:.
Claregalway 11th - 13th July 2014
The largest Bliss Ireland event yet was held just north of Galway city for nearly 300 people - the tried & tested exciting combination of workshops, performances, talks, delicious food, rituals, ceremonies & community created yet another super-successful weekend Festival for people who came from New Zealand, Australia, the USA & many countries in Europe, including of course almost all counties in Ireland!

The 2014 Festival saw the addition of live bands for the first time, which was a lovely addition to the important celebratory nature of the Festival.  Workshop, class & talk topics included dance & movement, relationship boundaries, polyamory, pornography, intimate massage masterclasses, Tantra, family dynamics, BDSM, yoga & tai chi, film screenings, male ejaculation mastery & SO much more. Several rituals also took place during the w'end including a Tantric Pleasure Puja & the Saturday night celebratory Revelry with performances of dance, spoken word, music & more finishing with a DJ was much enjoyed by all.

.:. Sexual Embodiment & Healing - a talk with Vanessa Vance .:.
10th July '14, Dublin

.:. Dublin Bliss Circle with Ailish Farragher .:.
Dublin, 3 consecutive Fridays April '14
Bliss Circles are designed to offer those in one geographical area an opportunity to gather, explore & celebrate the Bliss themes of Sexual Freedom, Health & Pleasure in Mind, Body & Spirit. Circles are facilitated by an experienced Bliss Facilitator & reflect that person's areas of expertise & interest as well as the core Bliss themes.

.:. Bloom! Spring Weekender .:.
Dublin, February 15th & 16th 2014

Bloom was a two day exploration into relationships, intimacy & connection that saw approximately 30 people gather for two full day workshops, one evening workshop & two talks about intimacy, boundaries, transforming life by facing fear, guilt & shame, as well as the sexual shamanic approach to relating & a talk about the philosophy of the Bliss Ireland project - it was a bijou event, perfect for kicking off a new year!

.:. Dive Deeper Winter Weekender .:.
Dublin, November 16th & 17th 2013
This two day event, including one & two day workshops as well as talks, saw approximately 60 people gather over the course of a weekend at the Camden Court Hotel in Dublin for workshops in Conscious Kink, Sexual Shamanic practice & Female Ejaculation - truly groundbreaking work in Ireland and a very successful & enjoyable w'end for all!

.:. Summer Retreat .:.
Ballydehob, West Cork, 19th - 22nd July 2013

This unique event saw 150 people enjoy three days of workshops, performances, delicious food, massage, Tai Chi, meditation, dance, music, lounging in hammocks, sharing around the fire & so much more, all in a stunning private location in West Cork!
Facilitators, teachers, performers & practitioners from Ireland, Scotland, Wales, England, Germany, Belgium, Hungary, the USA, Canada, Guatemala, South Africa, Australia & New Zealand offered & shared their skills & expertise.
Intimacy, Gender, Tantra, Sex & Spirit, Aphrodisiac Foods, Open Relationships & Polyamory, Men's & Women's spaces, a super-sexy Play Party, Thelema, Chocolate Yoga, Ecstatic Dance, Rebirthing, Cuntcraft, Breathgasm, Contact Improv, Ceremonies & Rituals, Tarot, a Sauna & a Barefoot Boudoir Cabaret were just some of what was on offer!

.:. Tribal Bliss .:.
28th October 2012 - Outhouse, Dublin
Tribal Bliss was a coming together, for one night only, of two unique projects, Bliss Ireland & Tribal Dance, for a night of community, alcohol-free clubbing, connection & fun! Approximately 100 people gathered, many in fantastic Hallowe'en costumes, to share in a night of healthful food, music, dance, massage & community. 

.:. Bliss Facilitator Training .:.
8th-10th March 2013 - West Cork, Ireland
Seven professionals, from Ireland & the UK, already highly skilled in their own areas of expertise, began an experiential & experimental training & mentoring programme in order to bring the Bliss Ireland philosophy to greater numbers of people in more locations than previously possible. Some of those facilitators continued forward to offer Bliss Circles & events in their own local areas beginning in spring 2014 with Dublin, continuing with Belfast & Cork in the autumn - stay tuned to the website, newsletter & Facebook page for future developments!

.:. Bliss Weekender .:.
August 4th & 5th 2012
The Morrison Hotel, Dublin
About 120 people enjoyed two days of playshops, workshops, talks, massage, delicious food, meeting new & like-minded people & much more. A glittering selection of international facilitators from Ireland, the UK, mainland Europe & the West coast of the USA joined many who traveled from all over Ireland, the UK & mainland Europe to experience a very unique event, that included..... 

An International Exhibition of Erotic & Sensual Art
Tantric, Shamanic, Wiccan, Thelemic & more spiritual perspectives on sexuality
Factual information to support sexual health, freedom & pleasure from the Irish Family Planning Association - OSHO Active Meditations
The Market Place - offering information, relaxation & many delicious items for purchase
Awakening to Bliss - an exploration & feast for the senses
so much more..... 

.:. Inaugural Bliss Festival .:.
February 25th 2012
Gresham Hotel, Dublin

Approximately 100 people took part in Ireland's first holistic Sexual Freedom, Health & Pleasure event at The Gresham Hotel, in the heart of Dublin's city centre.

Playshops included -Tantra Massage - The Metaphysics of Sexual Energy - Relationships - Guided Meditation - Spiritual Speed Dating - The Alchemy of Love - Yoga for Every Body - An Introduction to Kink! - There Must Be More To Sex Than Sex! - Awakening The Senses

During the day information & product stalls were available offering massage, beautiful lingerie, adult toys, candles, incense & much more, as well as lots of information on subjects from Tantra to Polyamory, Shamanism, raw food, drinks, snacks & more, ending with a beautiful belly dance performance, body painting, music from our, now resident, DJ and dancing! 

.:. Bliss Ireland Conception .:.
21st September 2011 - Drombeg Stone Circle, West Cork

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